Paleo Diet – Making me tired?

Stephen Asked: Paleo Diet – Making me tired?

I thought this diet was supposed give more energy.I am not sure why because my routines have mot changed.I eat all meats, fruit, and vegetables.No carbs!


Sophie Answered:
carbohydrates are what give our bodies energy! And if you are eating fruit you actually are eating carbs, just not complex ones. There is actually a lot of evidence to say the Paleo diet is not a great one. A good variation on the diet would be to, instead of eating all meat, eat only white lean mean such as chicken and eat fish. Cut out red meet such as lamb, pork and beef and re introduce carbohydrates in a healthier form e.g. brown rice instead of white, wholemeal pasta, wholegrain bread. This would give your body slow releasing energy to keep your energy levels sustained throughout the day. Also there is proof to show eating too much meat, in particular too much red meat, can make you sluggish, tired and lethargic.

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